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Security awareness: how much is enough?

We know that security awareness training for all is an essential part of our organisational resilience to the growing risk from, and impact of, cyber-attacks. However, we see common and typical weaknesses in learning programmes: 1.    Overestimating the extent to...

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Can we motivate people to protect themselves?

Standard economic theory used to hold sway in its suggestion that we make decisions in a purely rational, selfish, way. It is now well established, however, that the reality is somewhat more complicated than that. The field of Behavioural Economics provides multiple...

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Nudging towards secure behaviour

How could a simple picture of a fly painted on a urinal make the bathrooms at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport 80% cleaner? The answer is through the simple, but incredibly effective, power of “Nudging”. Richard Thaler recently won the Nobel Prize for Economics for his...

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