Unprecedented numbers of staff are now working at home, and many left the building without much time to prepare.

If you are struggling to deliver security guidance in this context, we would like to help.

We’ve configured a free version of our Redflags™ Security Stories to drip feed short snippets of relevant guidance on how to work securely at home.

The Redflags™ difference, is that it delivers engaging content directly onto users’ devices. 1 minute here, 30 seconds there, low-friction, but engaging, helping them stay safe, secure and vigilant. It also offers the potential to push out communications on new and emerging threats and evolving business continuity messaging. Messaging that tends to get lost in emails. Engagement metrics tell you who has seen what.

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How do stories work?

Engage your employees with interesting and relevant security awareness in the form of “Security Stories”. Imparting actionable advice, policy and best practice…without feeling like it! Delivered straight to the desktop, this delivery mechanism offers greater engagement than email and removes the inertial barrier of accessing traditional web-based eLearning.

Stories are delivered using our Redflags™ client and appear as a window in the background on the user’s desktop.

Your users are drawn in by interesting images and headlines and then engage with a maximum of 1 minute’s content, at a time convenient to them. Stories include a question-and-answer component. Stories relate to personal as well as organisational security, further driving engagement.

This free offer initially includes 5 stories drip-fed to users over 2 weeks.