Cyber security awareness month has become a yearly opportunity to drive security messaging home. Although many companies just go with a week rather than a whole month, it’s still a chance to refresh messaging, launch new campaigns and do something different.

This year should be no exception, but increases in remote working might make things a bit harder.

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a package of content to drip feed over a week or a month, as well as a cheeky real-time nudge, all for free:

  • A brand new delivery mechanism bringing engaging content straight to user desktops.
  • Our drip-feeding approach keeps content short but sweet.
  • And a little extra, a real-time nudge, helping users to stop and think about phishing.

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What is a real-time “nudge”?

Behavioral change models, such as BJ Fogg’s B=MAP tell us that for a behaviour to take place we need more than just ability and motivation, a timely cue or prompt is required. The closer that we can deliver these nudges to the context in which the behaviour takes place, the better. We’ve included one of our real-time nudges in this package to offer a subtle but timely reminder when users are interacting with emails and links. Think of it as a gentle tap on the shoulder to stop and think, and adopt secure habits.

What is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Every year during the month of October the EU and US promote secure online behaviours and the importance of cyber security to business and individuals. The European collaboration sees over 300 organisations come together to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats and promote secure cybersecurity behaviours through good practices. These include password hygiene, Two-factor authentication, auto downloading software updates and more.

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