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Empower your users to protect themselves with the award-winning Redflags™ from ThinkCyber.

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ThinkCyber have earned recognition for their innovative approach:

Part of the FinTech Innovation Lab Cohort 2022

Cyber Innovator of the Year 2021

SC Award Winner

WINNER of SC Awards 2020
Best Professional Training /
Certification Programme


Security Stories
are NCSC certified

Finalists at
[email protected] 9.0


Finalists in the New York
City Mayor’s Office
Cyber Security Moonshoot
competition 2019

Lorca Cohort 1 alumni


Part of the first cohort
for the government’s
flagship cyber security
accelerator LORCA

What people think about Redflags™


“Our people are busy, Redflags™ allows us to provide training whilst they work and with minimal interruption. The repeated nature of the nudges allows us to change behaviours, not simply inform someone what a security threat is. We have also been able to target training towards specific teams based on incidents caused by their behaviours. Annual CBT style training pales in comparison. We are very happy with the way Redflags™ is improving our security behaviours.”


Telecoms Company


“Experienced CISOs know that phishing simulations have limited effect and that we can all fall for tricks when vulnerable; awareness campaigns only work for a short period before people forget the messages; and everyone hates computer based training!

What I like about Redflags™ from ThinkCyber is that messages can be tailored and delivered “in-the-moment” as someone is about to do something risky.

Based on the psychology of how to change behaviour, Redflags™ reminds people what good practice looks like as they undertake specific activities, but without actually preventing the activity and interrupting business.”

Robert Coles

Ex CISO NHS, GSK, National Grid

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Reimagining Security Awareness

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