The secret to secure
behaviour change?


The right content, at the right time, in the right way

90% of successful cyber attacks start with a human user

technical controls can never promise to be 100%

your people will always be your last line of defence.

Empower your users to protect themselves with
Redflags™ from ThinkCyber

Failure might not be the teachable moment we think it is…

It’s a commonly held belief that we learn from failure. But recent research has found the opposite: failure undermines learning. The results of this research raise questions about “phish-test-train” strategies to increase staff understanding of phishing attacks. The...

Still chasing users to do their awareness training?

One organisation recorded just a 17% completion rate following their initial email asking people to do mandatory security awareness training… …it’s little wonder some businesses end up with a cottage industry of line managers, HR and infosec staff chasing people to...

Reimagining Security Awareness – What practitioners want

Ask a security practitioner what they want from a security awareness programme, and the immediate response you receive will sometimes be “to tick a compliance box”, sometimes “to reduce security risk” and sometimes “to achieve compliance and reduce risk, of course”....


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Finalists in the New York
City Mayor’s Office
Cyber Security Moonshoot
competition 2019

Finalists at
[email protected] 9.0

Finalists at the
National Cyber
Security Awards 2019

Part of the first cohort
for the government’s
flagship cyber security
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