The secret to secure
behaviour change?


The right content, at the right time, in the right way

90% of successful cyber attacks start with a human user

technical controls can never promise to be 100%

your people will always be your last line of defence.

Empower your users to protect themselves with
Redflags™ from ThinkCyber

Reimagining Security Awareness – What practitioners want

Ask a security practitioner what they want from a security awareness programme, and the immediate response you receive will sometimes be “to tick a compliance box”, sometimes “to reduce security risk” and sometimes “to achieve compliance and reduce risk, of course”....

Reimagining Security Awareness – Do dos

In part two of this series of blogs reporting on our research project to “Reimagine Security Awareness” we feedback on what users told us would make them engage with security awareness training. Whereas part 1 covered the “do nots”, part 2 covers the “do dos”. We can...

Reimagining Security Awareness – Ask the user

Mention the phrase “mandatory training” to almost any employee and they will likely roll their eyes in despair. But security awareness must be part of the cyber defence strategy in any organisation. Truly engaging your employees is a critical element of this strategy....


ThinkCyber have earned recognition for their innovative approach:

Finalists in the New York
City Mayor’s Office
Cyber Security Moonshoot
competition 2019

Finalists at
[email protected] 9.0

Finalists at the
National Cyber
Security Awards 2019

Part of the first cohort
for the government’s
flagship cyber security
accelerator LORCA