Next generation security awareness

Engaging your staff to deliver security awareness is hard. But when 90% of cyber attacks start with the human user and technical controls, however advanced, can never promise to be 100% effective, your people remain your last line of defence.

You need to manage operational risk from cyber-attacks that target your staff, meet compliance goals, keep your content refreshed and relevant, but also allow your colleagues to get on with their primary tasks to deliver your business goals.


Redflags™ offers you
the toolkit to do this.

Pushing content out to your users, and applying behavioural and learning science techniques to engage them with continually updated guidance: imparting policy, education and awareness.

User impact is minimised through drip feeding just a few minutes of content at a time.

Measurement of engagement gives you the compliance data you need, as well as better visibility of staff risk areas.

The benefits:
• Reduced compliance burden
• Reduced operational risk
• Reduced user impact
• Greater awareness retention
• Increased visibility of risk
• Measurement of engagement

How does Redflags™ drive secure behavioural change?

Behavioural science tells us that for a change in behaviour to happen the secure action has to be relatively easy, the user has to want to do it, but crucially they need a timely prompt.

Redflags™ highlights simple, actionable advice, exploits social proof as well as real and relevant examples to increase motivation.

But most importantly, it offers gentle nudges to guide behaviours when they occur.

How does Redflags™ reduce operational risk?

Timely security awareness interventions, delivered at the point of risk encourage secure decision making.

Ongoing and continuously refreshed content maintains vigilance and awareness.

Redflags™ behavioural change campaigns use a range of dynamic, real-time nudges to risky behaviours ranging from plugging in a USB, data import export from web sites, email attachment handling, clicking on links, …

Drip fed Security Stories or Phishing Examples maintain awareness.

How does Redflags™ engage your users?

Mention mandatory security awareness and most employees’ eyes glaze over.

To really work, security awareness needs to be engaging, relevant and ongoing, delivered throughout the year.

Redflags™ content is pushed out to the user – subtly – allowing them to engage when they choose to.

Interesting “security stories” and real-life examples attract interest, offer ‘social proof’ and make security relevant to their personal lives.

How does Redflags™ measure engagement and compliance

You need employees to attest to, or demonstrate, their understanding to meet your compliance goals.

Even better you want to be able to demonstrate the behavioural change you’ve supported.

Redflags™ allows low friction delivery of knowledge-testing questions. As well as detailed measurement of engagement, including number of nudges and content dwell time, maximising your visibility of compliance, engagement and risky behaviours.

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